Data analysis involves identifying findings from the primary and secondary data obtained by using the appropriate statistical instruments and techniques, as well as interpreting results. Many researchers in study may consider this role extremely difficult because they do not have the expertise of advanced statistical methods and evaluations. Thus, managing a large volume of research data, as well as filtering, structuring, and analyzing it with accuracy, becomes complicated. For these moments, RND Expert can be helpful for students in Data Analysis service.

Our group of excellently-trained specialists in statistics and data processing uses state-of-the-art statistical software such as Excel, SPSS, AMOS, STATA, EViews, SAS and NVivo for reliable data analysis for your research investigation. Not only can they support you with empirical data, but you can also get Indian data analytics services for qualitative data analysis research. Our clients are getting adequate analyzes for reliable research reports with the help of our PhD Data Analysis services. The supervisors also instruct researchers to explain the instruments used for their study. Such advice helps them in defense sessions of their study.

Data Collection for Ph.D. Research

We help you gather accurate and relevant data. Both quantitative and qualitative data collection facilities are accessible to researchers, based on the form of analysis and its goals and hypothesis. We adopt an strategy whereby a pilot analysis is carried out before the actual data collection process starts. It assists in reducing inconsistencies in the pedagogy, if any. In addition, through our statistics-based reviews, we advise you on selecting the best methods and techniques for collecting data. We describe the types of resources that would give you accurate results. We will also help you understand the nature of your analysis and the reasons behind choosing those techniques for data acquisition. Our experts can also help you develop your data-gathering methods with data collection. With our timely guidance, the duty of gathering data will not unreasonably cease. With us, the team of experts is able to manage data of varying sizes, from small samples to a large population.

Our services take into account the following essentials :

  • Selecting appropriate tools to gather data

  • Designing focused questionnaires and forms

  • Developing the indicator parts for instruments

  • Providing a trained staff for collecting data

  • Defining variables important for a study

  • Ensuring to address the ethical issues involved in the collection of data

Thesis Statistics Services using SPSS

The statistical chapter of thesis is always the main obstacle to cross. At RND Expert we give PhD data analysis support to help you overcome this task flawlessly. Most of the study statistical analysis is performed using a method called SPSS or Statistical Package for Social Sciences. The benefits of SPSS support provided by our statisticians team providing PHD statistics assistance are as follows:

  • Spectrum of tests performed: The largest range of assessments are provided by the assistance program. The scope of our service is Regression, T-test, ANOVAs, Discriminant Analysis, Formal Equation Modeling, Mann Whitney, Principal Component Analysis, Co-linear Analysis and many more Tests. RND Expert team offers PhD thesis statistics to help guide scholars in choosing the most relevant tests for their research, as well as helping them to run the SPSS tests.
  • Data management: After the study data has been processed, it must be cleaned to eliminate obsolete and unnecessary components and classified for proper data entry. Our PhD thesis statistics services department allows you to mark and transfer data to correct SPSS files.
  • Results Analysis: With our statistical support service, the results page of the program can be interpreted in the best possible way. Our statisticians provides statistical analytics services put the findings in text form without uncertainty. Based on this you should prepare chapters of your thesis for review and conclusion.

  • We provide high performance Data Analysis services using the latest tech applications such as SPSS, JAVA, MATLAB, MICROSOFT ANALYSES, ROUTE, IC CUBE, ANALYTICIA.
  • Our advisory team of specialists in data processing has the greatest potential to produce reliable outcomes within a defined timeline.
  • We assist with the detailed review of large quantities of data that are difficult to manage manually.
  • Our data analysis results provide a great platform for timely insight, decision-making, problem-solving and new opportunities for development.
  • We help PhD students and students in the area of dissertation analytics in order to receive statistical services. We provide support for research scholars in any area of study with statistical and analytical services.
  • Our research experts have the experience of the various methodologies for qualitative and quantitative studies implemented. They will help you explain your overall approach to the analysis and make your choice of methods that are reproducible and effective.
  • We also focus on other critical aspects of the data collection, such as the selection of sampling tools, data collection methods, etc. You can take our help in developing software and questionnaires for your survey.

Our quick and efficient approaches allow you to collect the right data and appropriately analyze it against the backdrop of your research issues. Stop thinking about selection of the methods or statistical research and feel free to forward your requirements to Our consulting research methods and data analysis services can suit your custom requirements well.

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