Your dissertation or thesis just finished? Congratulations. There is still some way to go, though, before you can turn it in. Checking over any piece of work is also necessary to ensure you have the best opportunity of accomplishment. Yet will you edit, or proofread, your essay or both? Many people use these terms interchangeably, but proofreading and editing doesn't mean exactly the same thing-and does not yield the same outcomes.


Review of the document closely for pronunciation, punctuation and typographic mistakes. Ensure readability by assessing verb, tense, syntax, sentence fragments, run-on sentences, conflict with the subject-verb, splices of the comma and other uses. A competent editor understands English writing conventions and language nuances, is qualified to be methodical and can recognise and remove common errors, such as a novel or thesis, through experience.

Proofreading is a valuable service as any writing intended for publication — whether it's an academic paper, book or business document — must express the message in the clearest way possible. To be consistent in writing, there must be no spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes, or language ambiguity, because these can weaken the author's written effect and reputation.


Focusing on conceptual flow, organization, structure, transformation, phrasing ambiguities, rhetorical clarity, diction rates, lexical register, pace and colloquialisms. Concentrating on your needs for the appropriateness of continuity, pattern, style, concision, clarity, sound and audience. Editing includes a diligent editor making improvements and suggestions that will boost the overall standard of your writing, particularly regarding the use and expression of languages. Your language will be sharp and consistent after editing, your grammar will be straightforward and your writing will be more readable in general.


If required, the project will also be reviewed by experts in citation styles (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago (CSM), CSE, Canadian Style, Harvard, Turabian, International English, ASA, AMA, Australian, Vancouver, and Oxford Style or any other style of your choice) to ensure that it meets the quotation style criteria.

Improve your Research Quotient with our Editing and Proofreading Services

Your composition should give the reader simple, rational, and concise interpretation of the concepts. You can find it tough several times to create a smooth flow from one segment to the next. If there is no uniformity in your writing, the audience may lose focus on the key ideas behind your thesis. Your commitment to the subject will hamper your ability to detect flaws in the study because you have been working on the study for months before. In writing and in the proofreading we trust in total transparency.

We provide top-notch editing and proofreading facilities for your academic papers / journal manuscripts at Editing & Proofreading services. RND Expert offers qualified document editing services to ensure the document is protected from mistakes and shortcomings. These services are available for whatever subject you have selected. Without any prejudice, we will look at your thesis and make sure your thesis is without any grammatical errors, typographical errors, spelling errors, verbose sentences, boorish terms etc. The scholarly language of your writing can be strengthened by our proofreaders and the material organized to achieve consistency. RND Expert also does the formatting of the thesis as per your university guidelines for a nominal additional fee.

We deliver different levels of dissertation, thesis, research papers and any academic articles editing and proofreading. With qualified intelligence, our proofreaders and editors carefully search through the entire text, find the errors and deliver a flawless final copy. Our highly qualified approach will enable you to persuade reviewers and readers of your research's accuracy.

Our past clients have had success in journal publications with Elsevier, Springer, Taylor and Francis, PubMed, Emerald and various other open access journals.

RND Expert offers expertise more than anyone in scientific manuscript editing and aims for excellence in any document edited!

Not just editing, we also offer thesis writing services for M.Tech and Ph.D. We have experienced writers and editors having years of work experience.

Proofreading Materials should be submitted as word file for our proofreaders to finish their job. They return a file that highlights any improvement made to the file along with implemented recommendations / remarks.

The team is expert in processing requests for immediate proofreading with turnaround time as little as one working day. Price depends on word count of your file and the processing period you select for our proofreading service. Price gets reduced with the increase in delivery time. Clients can also remove the reference part of their files to minimize word count.

  • Experience :: To date we have more than 4000 PhD thesis proofread.
  • Expertise :: We have 65+ PhD editors and proofreaders on board, with 150+ years of professional expertise in academic editing and proofreading.
  • Native English Speakers :: Our reviewers are Native English speakers, who have been tested extensively for their skills in proofreading and subject matter.
  • Timely Delivery :: If the timeline is near, and you can not feel ready to do it on time, leave it to us! We work quickly and deliver always on deadline.
  • Confidentiality :: We guarantee 100 per cent protection and privacy for proofreading of all manuscript sent to us.
  • Guarantee :: You will have complete ownership and credit of the copyright for your edited documents. RND Expert will never gather up or exchange your records, and will never preserve your files without your consent.
  • Free Revision of Your Edited Document :: In the unlikely event that you are not completely pleased with your edited documentation, we will review the document as per your requirements instantly, free of charge!
  • Better readability :: Your edited work has an improved style, clarity, and sentence structure.
  • Prescribed Guidance :: Your document is formatted according to all prescribed guidelines.


Our professional editing services will include an exclusive editing certificate that will include your paper's title, authors' list, issuance date and unique certificate number. It will make it easier for the journal editor(s) to review your manuscript by ensuring that all language / language errors are omitted, while concentrating strictly on the research material.

Customized Service Features

  • Language and grammar corrections
  • Consistency and accuracy of domain-specific terminology
  • Structure, logic, and flow improvements
  • Content review by peer reviewers for top journals
  • Journal response letter check and formatting for journal
  • Editing certificate to submit to your target journal
  • Formatting as per journal guidelines
  • Plagiarism Check Report
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